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California Grassland Research, Action, Science and Stewardship Network (GRASS-NET)

California’s grasslands are biodiversity hotspots and globally unique, but climate change will make it unsuitable for endemic species; so innovative restoration must focus on climate resilience for a diverse suite of species.

Recent research found that restoration of California grasslands typically focuses on only 7 key perennial species across the entire coast.

Link to GRASS-Net Survey
GRASS-Net (Grassland Restoration Action, Science, and Stewardship Network) developed this survey for California grassland restoration practitioners to help establish a network in coordinating grassland restoration activities and sharing restoration knowledge and practices.

Please take the survey if you have implemented or planned any grassland restoration projects (not research). GRASS-Net aims to develop and share effective climate-resilient practices, facilitate seed exchanges for hard-to-access species, and develop coordinated strategies to increase plant diversity in restoration with practitioners involved in restoration projects.